Growpods for Tendele Mining Agrihub

Growpods South Africa delivered 20 units of growpods to Tendele Coal Mining’s Somkhele Mine Agricultural Hub in Richard’s Bay. These growpods will be used at the hub as part of a pilot project to evaluate them as an alternative production method. The Agricultural Hub is part of Somkhele Mine’s Social and Labour Plan (SLP) initiative for the socio-economic empowerment of the Somkhele Community. The hub boasts a fully-equiped fresh produce pack house which 800 community out-growers can use to pack their produce for sale to commercial retailers and surrounding schools. The productivity of this project was severely affected by the current drought and very few members could produce sustainable crops.

The Somkhele Mine team realised the potential of Growpods to radically improve productivity despite limited water availability and are evaluating the use of growpods at the hub. Growpods can deliver 90% grade A quality produce, 25% faster, using 80% less water all without the use of electricity. This makes them ideal for deployment in rural communities where access to electricity is limited. Growpods area truly sustainable water and food security technology solution.

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